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About us Nuochengheying CNC Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a solid carbide cutting tool manufacturer as integration unit in the design ,production,sale and application , We are dedicated at providinghighefficient and cost-effective toolingcutting products and applicationsolutions for the metalwork....




nchysk NCHYSK Nuocheng bi-win CNC Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of solid carbide tools in application design, production, sales in one, is committed to the metal cutting tool to provide efficient and cost-effective tool application management solutions. Successful Case 服务行业 Service trade Connaught Cheng Ying services mainly in the automotive, aerospace, military, nuclear power, medical, hydraulic and high-end molds and other precision machinery industry. High speed steel cone High speed steel cone High speed steel cone, a tool for machining internal thread, has grooves along the axial direction. Its called a screw attack. The tap is divided into ... Machining of alloy bi Machining of alloy bi More and more processing workshops are using solid carbide drills instead of gun drills to process deep holes. In the past, in the market of deep hole ... Machining of Alloy Ta Machining of Alloy Ta Tap tapping is often the last machining process of the workpiece. If the tap breaks or other quality accidents, the workpiece will be scrapped, which w... Milling cutter mould Milling cutter mould Dual angle design of front and rear surfaces and special treatment of tool nose. The latest material of fine particle cemented carbide matrix is supple...