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High speed steel cone

2017/10/17 Hits:

High speed steel cone, a tool for machining internal thread, has grooves along the axial direction. It's called a screw attack. The tap is divided into straight slot tap, spiral groove tap and tap tap according to its shape. Straight groove taps are easy to process with low precision and large output. It is generally used for thread processing of ordinary lathe, drilling machine and tapping machine, and the cutting speed is slow. Spiral groove taps are usually used in drilling holes of NC machining center. The processing speed is fast, the precision is high, the chip removal is better and the neutral is good. There are grooves in the front of the screw tap, which is used for the machining of the through hole. Most of the taps provided by the tool factory are coated taps, and their service life and cutting performance are greatly improved compared with uncoated taps.

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