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Machining of alloy bit

2017/10/17 Hits:

More and more processing workshops are using solid carbide drills instead of gun drills to process deep holes.
In the past, in the market of deep hole cutting tools, the new generation of solid carbide twist drill with deep hole of 16-40 times diameter has occupied more and more share. In order to improve the precision and performance of this chip, the whole hard alloy drill with the transverse edge and the spiral groove, and the use of high density hard alloy material to improve the hardness of drilling so as to make it be able to quickly than the gun drill 5 - 10 times faster.
Some solid carbide drill bit manufacturers believe that such performance advantages for those with a gun in his deep hole drilling on a lathe, or deep processing tasks subcontracted to gun drill processing workshop manufacturers are increasingly attractive. However, they also pointed out that with the gun drill - usually adopts hard alloy or hardened steel, hardened steel drill shank and straight groove than solid carbide drill has some limitations. For example, their drilling depth limit (dimensioning) is 40 times the aperture, and gun drills can easily drill deep holes up to 50 times the diameter of the deep hole.